Der Greif X Grisebach: “New Positions”
Der Greif X Grisebach: “New Positions”
Der Greif X Grisebach: “New Positions”
New Positions

Conditions of Participation

These conditions constitute an agreement between you and Der Greif e.V., a non-profit organization located in Atelierstr. 18, 81671 Munich, Germany, recognized by German law (hereinafter referred to as “Der Greif''). The entire submission and selection process is facilitated by Picter (, and you are required to create an account at Picter and submit your work through Picter to Der Greif. You agree that both Picter's Terms of Use and Privacy Policy supplement these Conditions of Participation and can be viewed at

By submitting photographs to Der Greif with the possibility of being exhibited and subsequently sold in an online auction at Grisebach Auction House (Grisebach GmbH, hereinafter referred to as “Grisebach”), you acknowledge and accept these conditions.


No specific theme – all submissions are welcome.


The deadline for submitting is November 16 2023 (23:59 UTC+1). Der Greif reserves the right to change this deadline at any time.


Submissions have a non-compulsory donation of €12.00. If you are unable or unwilling to pay the donation, you may request a voucher for a free submission at The donation assists Der Greif in covering the expenses of this submission opportunity, not generating profits.


You can submit a restricted number of photographs into one category: Project A, which is 1-10 photographs.

A detailed explanation of each step can be found on the introduction page of the submission process on Picter.



If your work is selected, you authorize Der Greif and Grisebach to exhibit your work(s) in order to promote your works and the subsequent online auction. You authorize Der Greif and Grisebach to curate and oversee all aspects of the exhibition, including the display of your photos in any format for press, marketing, and communication purposes associated with Der Greif and Grisebach. Der Greif and Grisebach will provide credit by stating either your name or, upon your explicit request, your pseudonym (artist's name) and, if possible, your URL. You agree that Der Greif is exclusively entitled to make decisions on the printing and display of the submitted photographs, taking your feedback into consideration. You also agree that your photos may be put into new contexts with other photographs and presented alone or in combination with other photographs.


The selected photograph(s) will be featured in a Grisebach online auction scheduled for 19 to 28 January 2024. For this specific auction, an edition of 1 + 1 (Artist Proof) will be created. Upon request, an additional AP can be produced for the artist, the costs to be covered by the artist. All works in this auction will bear the title "Der Greif X Grisebach". Additionally, each print will additionally hold the name of the selected artist alongside the title of the image. Der Greif will be solely responsible for overseeing the printing process and making decisions related to the printing, taking the artist’s feedback into consideration. Der Greif is working with an established printer in Berlin, RecomArt, producing work for some of the most important collections and artists of our times.

The minimum bid for each work at the auction will be set at €500 (exclusive of VAT, any applicable VAT will be applied as necessary). The revenue generated from the sale of the photographs will be evenly split, with a 50-50 division between you and Der Greif. Der Greif will cover all expenses related to printing, logistics, administration, and communication.

Upon the successful completion of the auction, Der Greif will promptly inform you of the results, and you will be required to send an invoice covering your 50% share. Der Greif commits to remit payment of the invoice within 30 business days, without any additional charges to you.

You agree to have understood that having your work on auction does not guarantee that it will actually be sold. The revenue split only applies to sold artworks.


You agree that the high resolution digital versions of your photographs will be archived. You may revoke this consent via e-mail to »«. In case of a revocation the respective photographs will be deleted with 20 business days.

The right to revoke this consent does not apply to selected photographs, as the archive is crucial for potential future proof. Der Greif will never share your files with third parties and use them for any other purpose without your explicit consent.

In the event that the print is not sold at the auction, it will remain together with the AP of Der Greif in the archive of Der Greif. This print (not the AP) may be considered to be sold in the future under the exact same terms (with a 50-50 division between you and Der Greif). Upon request, Der Greif offers the alternative to donate the print to you (with all associated shipping expenses to be covered by you.) All decisions regarding its handling will be at the discretion of Der Greif.


You are completely responsible for the submitted photographs. No images may violate international law under any circumstances (see paragraph 5.2 of the Picter Terms of Use at



Only your full name, or your pseudonym (artist's name) and respective URL, will be published at the exhibition(s) and online auction, accompanying informational material (print and digital), and online. Both Der Greif's and Grisebach’s Privacy Policy apply and can be found at and


All personal data that you provide during the registration and submission process will be stored for the purpose of submission and image administration, curation, organization, and statistics. Any statistical data collection will only be carried out and used in anonymized forms. The Picter Privacy Policy (, Der Greif Privacy Policy ( and Grisebach Privacy Policy ( apply.


You declare that you are the sole copyright owner of all submitted photographs and agree to submit photographs from third parties only if you have explicit authorization from the respective copyright holders.

You declare that you have explicit consent from all people who are depicted in the submitted photographs (or their legal guardian in the case of children) to submit and exhibit and sell them by Der Greif and Grisebach.

In the case of street or public photography, you assume all responsibility for exhibiting and further processing your submitted photographs. Additionally, if applicable, you declare that you have the right to submit pictures of places, buildings, landscapes, military sites or operations, means of transport, goods, and persons to be exhibited as described in these Conditions of Participation.


You declare that you are solely liable for your submitted photographs and that you indemnify Der Greif and Grisebach from any claims of third parties arising from the violation of these Conditions of Participation.


The unenforceability or invalidity of one or more clauses in these Conditions of Participation shall not affect any other clause in these Conditions of Participation. If possible, any unenforceable or invalid clause in these Conditions of Participation shall be modified to reflect the original intention of the parties.


The place of general jurisdiction is Munich, Germany, and German law will be applied.

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