Der Greif X Grisebach: “New Positions”
Der Greif X Grisebach: “New Positions”
Der Greif X Grisebach: “New Positions”
New Positions

Der Greif X Grisebach: "New Positions"

Der Greif X Grisebach: "New Positions" is an opportunity brought to you by Der Greif in collaboration with the art auction house Grisebach. While Grisebach successfully showcases works by today's international photographic avant-garde, we are excited to give you the chance to have one of your images for sale in their next photography auction.

Selected images from this open call will be curated to act as contemporary visual responses to the historical works included in Grisebach's photography auction in January 2024.

Every image we take in our daily lives, or even artistic photos, are preceded by one that has shaped, inspired and influenced the creator. The American art historian Douglas Crimp once described image making as a "stratigraphic activity of layering", since "underneath each picture there is always another picture".

Why submit to Der Greif X Grisebach?

  • Get the chance to sell your work at Grisebach, the market-leading auction house for photographic works in Germany.

  • Have your work juxtaposed with renowned positions from Grisebach's range of artworks.

  • Have your work selected by the Foto expert Susanne Schmid and Diandra Donecker (co-director and co-partner of Grisebach together with Daniel von Schacky) in collaboration with Der Greif.

  • Be discovered by photography specialists and contemporary art collectors.

  • Get published in an article on, a highly-frequented international source of photographic art.

  • Get the chance to publish an Artist Feature & Blog on alongside emerging artists from all over the world.

Voluntary donation

Der Greif is a registered non-profit organization dedicated to serving the international photography community. We believe this organizational structure best reflects our artistic and cultural mission. As always, your artistic contribution makes our work possible.

We ask you to consider a financial donation of €12 as a submission fee. 100% of the funds we collect from your donations will go towards helping us continue providing interesting opportunities for the photography community, and thus expand Der Greif.

We believe in inclusivity. We don't want this suggested donation to stand in the way of your submission. If you are unable to contribute financially, please send an email to to receive a voucher code which will allow you to enter for free.

About Der Greif

Der Greif is an award-winning contemporary photography organization. Through crowdsourcing, Der Greif brings together diverse voices and provides a platform and visibility for a range of practitioners and works. Since 2008, Der Greif has engaged with topics like changing authorship perceptions, image de- and re-contextualization, appropriation, and artistic approaches to photographic archives and remix culture.

Der Greif's publications demonstrate how pairings of images by different authors can generate new meanings. Der Greif explores the creation, distribution, and reception of images - in print, on screens, and in exhibitions. The organization reflects on and questions the role of images: how we construct and perceive our environment and our respective responsibilities within it.

Since Issue 11, Der Greif has been guest-edited by artists Jason Fulford, Broomberg & Chanarin, Penelope Umbrico, Sylvie Fleury and Shirin Neshat, among others.

Der Greif has worked with institutions such as FOAM, Aperture Foundation, C/O Berlin, Fotomusem Winterthur and published works from about 3.000 photographers, artists and authors in printed publications as well as online.

About Grisebach

Grisebach has been auctioning photographic works since 1988 and is the market-leader in this field in Germany. With Diandra Donecker as co-director and co-partner since 2019 of Grisebach next to Daniel von Schacky, the renowned art auction house is heading towards even more dynamism, international visibility, and reach for photography.

Grisebach's focus is on the 1920/30s in Europe, on the Subjective Photography/Fotoform movements of the 1950s, and on classic American photography. They successfully have been showcasing works by today's international photographic avant-garde as represented by Bernd and Hilla Becher, Thomas Ruff, Thomas Struth, and Candida Höfer.

To this day, the EUR 490,000 knockdown price Grisebach achieved for a photogram by László Moholy-Nagy remains the highest ever recorded in Germany for a single photo.

Any questions?

Please feel free to contact us.

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