Your 501® Story
Your 501® Story
Your 501® Story
In celebration of 150 years of the 501® PhotoVogue and Levi’s® partner on a global open call to emerging visual storytellers to share what the 501® jean means to them.

By submitting to this Open Call, you consent and agree to be bound by the terms of this article Submission Amendment

Moreover the author of the high resolution photographs and videos authorizes and consequently expressly attributes to Condé Nast the right to publish the submitted Material in the PhotoVogue platform and in all Condé Nast publications which will feature the results of the Open Call.

PhotoVogue’s curators have the right to decide the layout, sizes and materials of how the work of the artists selected will be featured in digital and physical exhibitions.

If your image or project is selected to be published on our platform in relation to the PhotoVogue x Levi’s® Open Call, you will be compensated with a fee of $250 USD.

Two participants–a photographer and/or video maker–deemed by our international panel to have submitted the two most significant and interesting projects will receive a cash grant (a total of $10,000 USD), offered and paid by Levi’s®, that can be used by the photographer and/or video maker to further their artistic endeavors and growth, which includes embarking on new photography and audio-visual projects.

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