To mark Vogue Mexico & Latin America's 25th anniversary, PhotoVogue launches an Open Call for Latin American photographers and videographers, including the diaspora. The goal is to discover and promote the region's top visual talent and those of Latin American heritage worldwide, offering a chance to emerge and collaborate with the Condé Nast global network.


In celebration of Vogue Mexico & Latin America’s 25th anniversary, PhotoVogue is launching an Open Call for photographers and videographers from Latin America and its diaspora. This initiative aims to discover and promote the most talented visual artists of the region and those with Latin American heritage globally, providing them with an opportunity to emerge and collaborate with the Condé Nast global network.

The call welcomes all genres, from fashion to documentary, art, and reportage, inviting artists who express themselves through photography and/or video. It is open to everyone who identifies as Latin American, regardless of whether they are based in Latin America or anywhere in the world. The only requirement is that applicants must be at least 18 years old.

We are looking for diverse voices, reflecting Latin America’s multicultural essence. Submissions will be evaluated by the Vogue Mexico & Latin America’s team, global Condé Nast staff and experts from the region's visual community and beyond. We aim to include a wide range of backgrounds for a comprehensive and multifaceted perspective. Stay tuned for the announcement of the jury.

This Open Call seeks to spotlight the upcoming generation of Latin American artists who drive change through their socially conscious creativity.

Vogue Mexico & Latin America will feature a portfolio of the best submissions both online and in print. Selected artists might have the opportunity to collaborate on an editorial project, and the most exceptional works will be displayed at the next edition of the PhotoVogue Festival in Milan. Additionally, the artist who submits the most compelling work will receive a $5,000 grant to support their artistic development.

About PhotoVogue

PhotoVogue is a global initiative by Condé Nast, offering artists opportunities to have their work published or commissioned across all 32 markets and commercial partners. This global reach extends to events, talks, exhibitions, and portfolio reviews, fostering creativity and diversity in image-making.

PhotoVogue's mission is to champion talent, engage underrepresented communities, and enhance visual literacy, shaping a just, ethical, and inclusive visual world. To effectively scout for talent, PhotoVogue promotes Global Open Calls themed or focused on specific world regions.

How to submit

We invite artists who use photography, video, or both to apply, encompassing all genres from fashion to documentary, art, and more. The call is open to everyone who identifies as Latin American, with the only requirement being a minimum age of 18.

Applicants can submit up to 15 images from a single project and one video (maximum 60 seconds). Both unpublished and previously published works are welcome. We encourage creativity; the key is that your project conveys your vision and unique perspective.

You can submit to this call even if you're participating in our Global Open Call, provided that you do so with a different project.

The Open Call will be hosted on Picter and is completely free to enter from today February 22nd to May 6th at midnight.

Any questions?

Please feel free to contact us.

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