Encontros da Imagem - Photobook Award 2023
Encontros da Imagem - Photobook Award 2023
Encontros da Imagem - Photobook Award 2023
Essay for the Future


As part of the 33rd edition of Encontros da Imagem - International Photography and Visual Arts festival, the open call for the Photobook Award EI 2023 is now open. This competition is juried by editors, publishers and other professionals in the publishing industry.

Aware that photography books have gained, in recent years, a leading role in the promotion of photography projects through creative processes of storytelling, it's Encontros da Imagem intention to promote independent authors as well as their body of work. Since 2014, the festival has strove to be a privileged channel for photobook dissemination and promotion, carrying out the Photobook Award 2023, inviting all interested artists to apply for the prize with their photobook.

Only self-made photobooks will be accepted,  meaning artist books, with more or less handcrafted production, original, personal and independent. Books that have been published or have received a commitment to publish from any publisher until the moment of application won't be considered for the award. If the project is a dummy, it should be the closest to its final form, in the materials used and its format.

How to enter

For the application to be considered, there must be a registration and submission of the project through Picter's platform, subject to the following conditions:

Each application costs 20,00€;

Each project submitted will be considered a single application;

Each candidate can submit a maximum of 3 photobooks, that will be considered 3 separate applications;

The deadline for the open call is 5th of May, 2023.

After the announcement of the finalist projects, the authors should send the selected photobooks until the 30th of June 2023.

To ensure the application is considered for the prize it needs to have the post stamp before that date, even if the book arrives after the mentioned date.

The selected finalists should send their photobook to the following address:

Encontros da Imagem - Festival de Fotografia e Artes Visuais

Photobook Award EI.2023

A/C: Carla Bacelar Ferreira / Noora Manty

Largo da Estação, 40 - Salas 5 e 6

4700-223 Braga


Please write in the outside of the package the following message:


What winners receive

An international jury will select 30 finalists for a collective exhibition to present in Braga, Portugal, between the 15th of September and the 28th of October, during the 33rd edition of the festival.

Among the 30 finalists, one cash prize of 1.000€ will be awarded for the winner.

The finalists of this award will be announced in Encontros da Imagem website and other communication channels of the festival.

About Encontros da Imagem

Encontros da Imagem, with more than thirty years of existence, is a non-profit cultural association that promotes annually an International Photography and Visual Arts Festival in the city of Braga, Portugal. The festival celebrates classic and contemporary photography and visual arts in general by showcasing emerging and established artists. Every year Encontros da Imagem promotes an open call for the Discovery Awards, where the winners have the opportunity to exhibit their work during the festival. Encontros da Imagem also organizes another award - Emergentes - International Photography Award Encontros da Imagem, this prize is awarded after the Portfolio Review, which gives photographers the opportunity to show their work to an international jury, composed by commissioners, gallery owners and expert editors, thus establishing solid foundations for the promotion of their work. The festival has developed an eclectic programme. This year the theme is Essay for the Future, where numerous artists emerging and established, national and international will be shown in several public and private spaces (historical and monumental buildings, museums, galleries and others). Encontros da Imagem is a cultural photographic reference in Portugal, and has reached a prominent position in the international panorama, being one of the oldest photography festivals in Europe.

Previous Winners
Nastassja Nefjodov - Meine Großväter der Krieg und ich (my grandfathers the war and I)
Nastassja Nefjodov - Meine Großväter der Krieg und ich (my grandfathers the war and I)
Winner 2020
Kathleen Alisch - Atlas of Voids
Kathleen Alisch - Atlas of Voids
Winner 2021
Yoshikatsu Fujii - Hiroshima Graph Everlasting Flow
Yoshikatsu Fujii - Hiroshima Graph Everlasting Flow
Winner 2022
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