Photo: Roisin White
Photo: Roisin White
Do you want to make a photobook? Have you made a dummy of your project? Now you have a chance to have it published.
30 EUR

By clicking "Start Submission", you agree to be contacted by the host regarding this opportunity.

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By clicking "Start Submission", you agree to be contacted by the host regarding this opportunity.

By agreeing to Landskrona Fotos Terms and Conditions for the Dummy award 2024 process, the agreement is between yourself (the "Photographer") and Landskrona City through Landskrona Foto, who's registered address is: Landskrona Foto, Fritids och kulturförvaltningen, Landskrona Stad, 261 80 Landskrona, Sweden. The Landskrona Foto Terms and Conditions are additional to the Terms and Conditions of the software provider Picter, which can be viewed here:

By submitting photos to the Landskrona Foto Dummy award 2024 process, the Photographer hereby agrees that:

  1. During the festival period, which will run from 6 - 22 September 2024,, Landskrona Foto has the right to exhibit pictures from the dummy publicly.

  2. Landskrona Foto reserves the right to use any images provided before, during and after the festival to promote the Dummy award and Landskrona Foto Festival.

  3. Landskrona Foto and Picter will not publish, share or redistribute any of the Work to any individuals or organisations external to us for the duration of the submission process or post-submission process.

  4. Submissions before or after the submission period will not be taken into consideration.

  5. Unfortunately it is not possible to give individual feedback to applicants who are not selected for the dummy award due to the fact we receive several hundred submissions each year.

  6. This agreement does not imply any regulation of the rights enjoyed by the photographer in accordance with the Act (1960:72) on Copyright in Literary and Artistic Works. The exhibitor thus does not have the right, without the photographers permission, to reproduce the photographic works in any other context than in connection with the exhibition.

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