HARIBAN AWARD - International Collotype Competition 2024
HARIBAN AWARD - International Collotype Competition 2024
HARIBAN AWARD - International Collotype Competition 2024
HARIBAN AWARD - International Collotype Competition 2024

Hariban Award Terms and Conditions

Japanese Terms and Conditions

株式会社便利堂は、応募された画像を厳重に管理しますが、万が一、破損、紛失、交換等の問題が発生した場合でも、その責任は負わないものとします。すべての応募者は、受賞の際、HARIBAN AWARDに提出したすべての画像が、HARIBAN AWARD事務局と便利堂によって、マーケティングおよびプロモーションの目的により使用される可能性があることに同意したものとします。この場合の使用とは、出版物、広告、電子メディア、ウェブサイト、ソーシャルメディアサービス、雑誌を含みますが、これらに限定されるものではありません。同様に、受賞者は、公式カタログに受賞作品の画像を掲載する許可を便利堂に与えるものとします。HARIBAN AWARD事務局と便利堂により使用される全ての画像には、受賞者の名前(コピーライト)を掲載するものとします。著作権およびその他全ての権利は、応募者に帰属するものとします。

Benrido, Inc. will make reasonable efforts to protect your submissions, but we are not, however, liable for damage, loss or replacement. All entrants agree that any image they submit to the Hariban Award competition may be used for marketing and promotional purposes directly related to the Hariban Award and Benrido programme. This use may include, but is not limited to, publication in printed materials, advertisements, electronic media, websites, social media outlets, or maga-zines. If selected, entrants agree to grant Benrido permission to publish their image in an exhibition catalogue. All images used by the Hariban Award and Benrido, Inc. will carry a credit line of the artist. Copyright and all other rights remain that of the artist.

Benrido, Inc., (hereinafter referred to as "Benrido"), in planning and operating the HARIBAN AWARD International Collotype Competition (hereinafter referred to as "Hariban Award"), presents the terms and conditions described below. By Applying to the Hariban award, all applicants agree to the terms and conditions described below.

Article 1. Conditions for applying to the Hariban Award

Anyone can apply to the Hariban Award. However, if the applicant (hereinafter referred to as "applicant") is a minor, they/he/she/ shall apply after obtaining the consent of the applicant's parent or guardian. Furthermore, the applicant shall agree to these terms and conditions established by the Benrido at the time of application.

Article 2. Changes to the terms and conditions

  1. The terms and conditions shall apply between Benrido and all applicants applying for this competition. 2. Benrido may change the contents of the terms and conditions at its discretion. In case of any changes, we will post the contents of the change, the date on which the changes were made, and the content of this agreement after the change on this site's terms and conditions page.

Article 3. Regarding changes, suspensions and or termination of the programming of the Hariban Award

  1. Benrido may change the programming of the Hariban Award at its discretion.

  2. The Hariban Award may be suspended and or terminated due to business reasons or maintenance of the indispensable system without prior notice to the applicants.

  3. The suspension and or termination of this competition will be announced on the official website in advance.

  4. Benrido shall not be liable for any damages caused to the applicant due to the urgent suspension and or termination of the Hariban Award.

Article 4. About the works submitted to the Hariban Award

  1. The works submitted to the Hariban Award are made at the sole responsibility of the applicant himself/herself/themselves and the copyright of all works submitted are solely owned by the applicant himself/herself/themselves.

  2. Submission of works to the Hariban Award is only accepted as digital image files, regardless of whether the production of the works was carried out by either using analogue or digital methods. The Hariban Award does not accept any other form of submission.

Article 5. How to apply to the Hariban Award

  1. To apply for the Hariban Award, please register the following items within the application form as listed on the application site hosted by Picter.
  • Applicant's name, address, E-mail, date of birth, nationality, biography (about 150 characters)* Website, Social Media Profile links

  • Explanation of the Project, year of production of the project, image location and series name of the submitted project

  • Image titles/captions, year of production for images, shooting location for the images,

  • A Maximum of 12 images may be submitted within 1 project per each applicant. -*

  • All submissions must be Monochrome

  • Submitted Images should be 1500px max and submitted in JPEG format.

  1. To apply for the Hariban Award, the applicant needs to create an account with Picter and log in via the competition hosting site Picter.com. The Applicant can save or edit their/his/her works whilst editing before submitting their completed application.

  2. Applications are only confirmed as completed once payment has been made by the applicant. Once the submission has been completed via Payment, the applicant cannot edit or revoke their submission.

  3. After the application is completed, the application fee cannot be refunded for any reason.

Article 6. Regarding application fees and payment methods

  1. A payment of US $50 is required to apply to the Hariban Award.

  2. The application fee will be paid by credit card payment via Stripe. No other payment methods are accepted.

Article 7. Handling of personal information

  1. Personal information registered by applicants when applying for the Hariban Award shall be handled appropriately in accordance with the "Personal Information Protection Policy" separately established by Benrido.

  2. Benrido shall collect the email addresses of applicants for this competition and use them for information distribution from Benrido. If the applicant wishes to unsubscribe or Opt-Out promotional information from Benrido please contact info_en@benrido.co.jp.

Article 8. About the Award

  1. In the Hariban Award, the Grand Prize Winner(1 person), the Juror's Choice Award (4 people), the Benrido Award (1 person), and Honourable Mentions (runners up) will be selected as Final Winners. Please check the application guidelines for the details of each award as described on the Hariban Award website.

  2. We will inform the winners of the final results via their e-mail addresses to first ask for their acceptance and confirmation on winning the award. After finalists are informed of their awards and confirmation from all winners have been received, the results will be announced publicly.

  3. All finalists will be presented with the official Hariban Award catalogue produced by Benrido.

Article 9. Examination 1. The examination of this competition will be conducted by the Jurors contracted by Benrido.

  1. All judging will be conducted online individually by each Juror, and details of the examination results will not be disclosed.

  2. If there are a large number of applications, Benrido will conduct a preliminary examination.

Article 10. Storage, damage, loss and handling of image data

  1. Benrido will not be responsible for storing image data submitted by applicants.

  2. Images submitted for this competition may be damaged or lost due to system problems. Benrido will not be responsible for image damage or loss should a problem occur.

  3. Applicants shall save the images and information created for the application of the Hariban Award by themselves and create their backup copies.

  4. Benrido may use images of submitted works by accepted previous winners of the Hariban Award on the Hariban Award or Benrido websites, and promotional use and programming directly related to the Hariban Award and Benrido, and within the annual official catalogue of the Hariban Award.

  5. Benrido may use the images of the award-winning works of this competition with modifications such as trimming/cropping of images when using the works for public relations and promotional use directly related to the Hariban Award and Benrido programming.

Article 11. Intellectual property rights and copyrights

  1. The copyright of images and texts. submitted by the applicant to the Hariban Award belongs to the applicant.

  2. Benrido is not liable for any dispute that arises when the registered image infringes the intellectual property rights, privacy, or portrait rights of a third party.

Article 12. About the Rejection of submitted applications.

If Benrido determines that the submitted application falls under any of the following items, Benrido may suspend or delete the applicant's application to the Hariban Award.

  1. Acts that violate the contents of the Hariban Award terms and conditions

  2. Acts that infringe or may infringe intellectual property rights such as copyright and trademark rights of Benrido and or third parties

  3. Acts that infringe the privacy and portrait rights of Benrido and or third parties, or acts that may cause such instances

  4. Acts that defame Benrido and third parties and damages their reputation or credibility, or acts that may cause such infringement.

  5. Acts that are or may be offensive to laws and regulations, public order and morals

  6. Discriminatory and violent demands, antisocial behaviour, or acts that may be determined as such

  7. Acts that place a significant burden on the operation and system of the Hariban Award

  8. Acts that use computer viruses, etc.

  9. Other acts that Benrido deems inappropriate.

Article 13. Disclaimer

  1. Benrido shall not be liable for any damages caused to applicants due to additions or changes to the contents of this competition, suspension for maintenance, or termination.

  2. Benrido does not guarantee the legality, accuracy or morality of the images submitted by applicants and this responsibility is solely handled by the applicant.

  3. Benrido is not responsible for the storage of data created by applicants to apply for this competition.

  4. Benrido shall not be liable for any dispute or damage caused by the defamation of a third party or the infringement of intellectual property rights of the image created by the applicant.

Article 14 Governing law and exclusive agreement jurisdiction court

  1. The governing law of these terms and conditions shall be Japanese law.

  2. In the event of a proceeding in this competition between Benrido and the applicant, the Kyoto District Court shall be the exclusive agreement jurisdictional court of the first instance.

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