Hamburg Portfolio Review

By participating in this contest, you agree with and accept the Hamburg Portfolio Review (HPR) Terms and Conditions as follows:

Submissions of photos (hereinafter: "works") before or after the submission period are not allowed and will not be considered for the contest.

Works submitted for the contest must not have watermarks, signatures, markings or other identification features of the author. Works showing these features will be rejected and disqualified from the contest.

Date, place, and name of photographer must be filled into the metadata of the image file.

The author of the image must hold all rights related to the submitted work and must not infringe any intellectual property right and/or copyright. All authorizations or permissions of depicted persons (and/or copyright holders) as well as necessary release forms must be obtained upon submission.

HPR accepts submitted images on a trust basis. By the submission of the work, the submitter declares automatically to be the author of the work and that the submitted work does not infringe any intellectual property rights or copyrights.

HPR reserves the right to reject works submitted without the required information (name, address, CV, description etc.)

In regard of the development of AI technology and the discussion about promptography and deepfakes, HPR excludes AI-generated images for reportage and documentary photography. For free formats and artistic works, we ask for the following labeling:

  • authentic photography (A)
  • manipulated photography (M)
  • generated image (G)

With the submission of a work, the submitter authorizes HPR to publish, share or distribute the work(s) without time or geographical limit for promotion purposes on print, digital and social media, as well as in television. However, the works will not be published, shared or redistributed to individuals, organizations or other thirds.

For marketing purposes in connection with the reporting/public relations of Hamburg Portfolio Review we might also make individual images available to our co-operation partners such as the Altonaer Museum, Canon, Intesa SanPaolo, Freelens and the University of Europe for Applied Sciences (UE).

The copyrights of all submitted works remain with their right holders. HPR shall provide all photos with the author's name when photos will be shown during the exhibition or for promotional purposes in television and digital, print or social media.

Despite all technical precautions taken by HPR, it cannot be ruled out that any person may retrieve and use image or film recordings of the works on the internet. HRP will not assume any liability for misuse by third parties.

Participants of past Hamburg Portfolio Review contests are not eligible to apply in the year following their participation, but only every other year.

HPR editors will carefully review each work that has been submitted. This process will take time. Please, do not contact us to request whether you have been selected. We will notify you in due time.

Thank you for your participation and good luck.

Any questions?

Please feel free to contact us.

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