2023 Anja Niedringhaus Courage in Photojournalism Award
2023 Anja Niedringhaus Courage in Photojournalism Award
2023 Anja Niedringhaus Courage in Photojournalism Award
2023 Anja Niedringhaus Courage in Photojournalism Award
  • The photographer must be the author of the pictures submitted in her/their name.
  • The photographer, or the agent or representative entering on their behalf, must be the copyright holder or have been authorized by the copyright holder to submit the pictures.
  • The IWMF reserves the right to ask finalists or the winner for the RAW, or original camera files captured directly by the camera, to be submitted for review if the submission advances to final rounds of judging. Photographers must be open and transparent about the entire process through which their pictures are made and be accountable to the IWMF for their practice.
  • Photographs must not be manipulated in any way, except for basic color and contrast correction, along with minor lightness and darkness adjustments. Digitally enhanced or altered photographs, beyond the basics noted above, are unacceptable. The IWMF values authenticity and deceptive images will be disqualified.
  • Photographers must not intentionally alter the scene they picture by re-enacting or staging events and must ensure the editing provides an accurate and fair representation of the photograph’s context.
  • The photographer must not have paid their subject(s), either in goods or money, or promise of favor or influence.
  • Each photo submitted in a series of photographs must be accompanied by a caption that is complete and accurate, sufficient to convey the circumstances in which each photograph was taken, and include the date created and geographical location. Disguising or misrepresenting the origin of the content is cause for disqualification.
  • Each photograph must not, in the sole and unfettered discretion of the IWMF, contain objectionable or inappropriate content.
  • Watermarks are not accepted.
  • The IWMF’s Anja Niedringhaus Courage in Photojournalism Award follows NPPA’s code of ethics.
  • If you are chosen as a winner or honoree, you agree to engage with the IWMF on communications activities including allowing fair use of the images in your portfolio.

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