Der Greif - Guest Room: Franziska Kunze
Der Greif - Guest Room: Franziska Kunze
Der Greif - Guest Room: Franziska Kunze
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Terms and Conditions These Conditions of Participation define the agreement between the editors of Der Greif and participants who submit photographs for a potential publication in Der Greif Guest Room: Franziska Kunze. Since submissions of photographs constitute absolute acceptance of these Conditions of Participation, participants are kindly asked to review this document carefully.

1 Deadline

The submission deadline for Der Greif "Guest Room: Franziska Kunze " 16/02/2023 9:59 PM UTC. Der Greif reserves the right to adjust the deadline at any given time.

2 Participation Fees

Submitting photographs to Der Greif Guest Room is for free.

3 Submittable Photographs

Every participant can submit only a limited number of photographs: Project A: 1 - 4 photographs, eligible for Der Greif "Guest Room: Franziska Kunze". On the intro-page in the submission process you can find a detailed explanation of every single step.

Images which have been selected for a previous Der Greif opportunity are not eligible for re-submission. We want to support the broadest range of photographers possible and therefore encourage you to submit work that has not yet been selected by our past Guest Curators. Any images which do not comply with these terms will be removed from the selection process.

4 Submitted Photographs

4.1 Publication of Submitted Photographs

The participant authorizes the editorial staff of Der Greif and every respective Guest-Curator to select submitted photographs, publish and comment them on the website of Der Greif »« Furthermore, the participant agrees that his/her submitted photograph(s) -- if selected and published on the website of DerGreif »« -- will be published in a print publication that will present the respective Guest-Curator's selection. The participant agrees that images of the Guest-Room (e.g. in form of screenshots and images of the respective printed publication) can be used for any kind of advertisement (in digital or printed media) for Der Greif and/or Der Greif related events/projects. The participant notes that submitted photographs will be presented (both on the website of Der Greif »« and the printed publication) together with other photographs and thus put into new contexts. The participant notes that Der Greif does not guarantee a publication of his/her submitted photographs. The participant notes that he/she has no claim on remuneration for sold issues of the printed publication.

4.2 Archiving Submitted Photographs

The participant agrees that the digital versions of submitted photographs for Der Greif "Guest Room: Guest Room" will be archived -- regardless of a publication. The participant may revoke this consent via e-mail to »«. In case of a revocation the respective photographs will be deleted immediately after the end of the project. Photographs that have been published online will remain visible.

5 Personal Data

5.1 Publication of Personal Data

The participant agrees that his/her full name and respective URL will be potentially be published both on the website of Der Greif »« and in a printed publication. Further contact information will not be published.

5.2 Storage of Personal Data

All personal data that have been indicated during the registration and submission process will be stored for participant and image administration, curation, organization and statistical reasons. Personal data will not be forwarded to third parties. Statistical data collection will only be executed and used in anonymized forms.

6 Declaration of Copyright

The participants assures that he/she is the sole copyright owner of all submitted photographs. Participants may also submit photographs from other persons for a potential publication in Der Greif -- Guest Room, if he/she has an explicit authorization by the respective copyright holder.

7 Authorization for a Publication / Exhibition

The participant assures to have the explicit consent of all people who are pictured on his/her submitted photographs (in case of children of their legal guardian) to publish the relevant photograph as described in these Conditions of Participation. In case of e.g. street photography, the participant has to decide on his/her own and take all responsibility for a publication and further processing of his/her submitted photographs. Furthermore, the participant assures by submitting photographs not to impinge upon any rights of third parties as e.g. personal rights. The participant assures to have the right to submit pictures of places, buildings, landscapes, military sites or operations, means of transport, goods, persons in order to be published as described in these Conditions of Participation.

8 Disclaimer

The participant declares to be completely liable for his/her submitted photographs. The participant indemnifies the editorial staff of Der Greif from any claims of third parties caused by the violation of these Conditions of Participation.

9 Severance Clause

If any provision of these Conditions of Participation is invalid, the validity of the remaining provisions shall not be affected. Both parties agree to arrange about a regulation that comes as close as possible to the invalid provision.

10 Jurisdiction & Application of Law

Place of general jurisdiction is Munich, Germany. German law is applied.

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